lack-timeTime has a nasty habit of slipping through our fingers. Even though we always try to be in control of the flux, it usually feels the other way around. Time is driving us, manipulating our days before we can even notice. We are in a constant rush, carrying the fear of missing out everywhere we go.

By reviewing the past decades, it might seem that the society has become more buzzing than ever. With the new technology and the constant growth of the economy, new job positions arise all the time. Working hours are also longer, and as a result, we never quite feel like having time for ourselves. Neither do we spend as much time as we would like with our families. Instead, we sell precious hours of our lives in exchange for money.

But believe it or not, there is an unexpected paradox between all of these facts.

Research shows that today, the average English person has seven hours of free time every week. And if you think about it, it is true. In fact, some of us may have even more than that.

As opposed to the research, 34% of people say that they always feel rushed, with 61% complaining of never having any leisure time at all. The second percentage is too big. So what is really happening here?

Time wasters. We have them all around us – at home, at the office, and even on the streets.

Studies have revealed that the main activity for adults in the UK is watching TV, with 90.4 percent of respondents.

Smartphones, computers, and social media are also masters at killing our time, and so are a lot of other things. But it we think about it, the phenomenon is actually normal. After coming back from work, the fatigue is usually unbeatable. Eventually, we indulge ourselves into spending our evening just browsing the Internet or watching television.

Sadly, will never notice our free time unless we find really entertaining activities to embrace. Which is why we commit to providing you with a wide selection of fun ideas whenever you want to relax and unwind. We offer you suggestions about:

When was the last time you breathed fresh cold air or drank crystalline water from a flowing river? Detach from the hurly-burly of the city and leave for a short trip to the mountains with your loved ones!

Aren’t you tired of seeing the same people, visiting the same places, and shopping at the same stores every day? There is so much more to that, and we give you a selection of the most beautiful cities in the UK!

Home is the most comfortable place in the world. Even there you can have a lot of fun in your free time and feel like being on vacation. Check out the crazy ideas we have in store for you!